Manifesto: On Work

This week, my "To Do" list evolved into a manifesto of sorts, and I took that as a sign to take the time to actually put my values onto paper and out into the world.  Below is a section of my hot-off-the-press manifesto:


On Work:

  • Keep your workspace clear of clutter. 
  • Be open and receptive to inspiration everywhere and at any time. 
  • Treat your work as a sacred craft. You are merely an agent of the universe.
  • Do not disrespect your muse by allowing yourself to become more important than your message.
  • When you show up to work, be 100% present.  Do not multitask. 
  • Your work should be born from inspiration, not from outside pressures to create in a certain way, maintain a certain look or appeal to a certain audience. 
  • Work hard and diligently and the right people and connections will come to you. 
  • Do not allow your creative spirit to be threatened. 
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