The Evolution

I am so happy to be writing this post.  I have been wanting to for a while and here it is! When I am creating, since my process requires a void of planning to create the sort of  flow I want, I take a lot of progress pictures.  I like to take these pictures as a tool for seeing my work small, versus an actual painting, on a tiny screen to regroup and collect myself.  So in this small version I can make my critiques. More weight here, more movement here, oh my gosh all my lines are crooked. Things that I can’t see when I am immersed  in my work. So here is an evolution of my most recent work “Small Voices.”  The piece was titled alluding to an excerpt from a new favorite [or should I say this week's favorite book The War of Artby Steven Pressfield.  Totally life changing book.

“We fear discovering that we are more than we think we are. More than our parents/children/teachers think we are. We fear that we actually possess the talent that our still, small voice tells us. That we actually have the guts, the perseverance, the capacity. We fear that we truly can steer our ship, plant our flag, reach our Promised Land. We fear this because, if it’s true, then we become estranged from all we know. We pass through a membrane. We become monsters and monstrous.” -The War of Art, Steven Pressfield

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