004 | How to Experience Art + Gallery Protocol

In this episode I teach different methods of looking at and experiencing art.

First, you need to approach art open and ready to receive. Art can seldom force you to open, so if you are not open to receiving, perhaps find a different time to experience art.

Method 1 | How Did They Do That?

Ask yourself “how did they do that- technically?”

-Are the brush strokes chunky?

-Do you think they created quickly or slowly?

-Do you think they mixed paint or pulled straight from a tube?

-What medium did they use? How do you think that impacted the creation of the piece?

Method 2 | Why Did They Do That?

If you are experiencing art in a professional setting (ie gallery, museum, public installation, architecture) the artist is a professional in their field, which means that every choice the artist made was with purpose and intent.

-Ask yourself why you think the artist used that color?

-Why do you think the artist paints that subject matter?

-Why does this artist work abstractly?

-Why does this artist work in this medium over other mediums?

-Why does Leah Pantéa put white over her paintings?

Method 3 | Notice Your Eye Movements

How your eyes move around a piece of art is a very significant thing for an artist to consider while they are creating a work. Notice how your eyes slip through negative spaces and feel caught in very dense and intricate areas.

Method 4 | Do You Like It? Why?

A method discussed further in episode 1.

-Observe the artwork judgement free for at least 20 seconds.

-Ask yourself if you like it, yes or no.

-Ask yourself why you like it, and then continue asking yourself why to each answer enough times that you start getting a little unsettled. That is where the sweet sweet honey is.

Method 5 | Dig A Little Deeper

If you are genuinely interested in a piece of art or the artist, find more information! It will only get better!

Might I suggest:

-Asking the gallery attendant for more information

-Try your hand at deciphering the artist statement!

-Google the artist!

-Find the artist on instagram!

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