001 | Why Art Matters


If you were there with me for my Instagram-live recording of this podcast, thank you SO much for joining me there! It meant so much to have so many of you tune into the project!

However- I did opt to re-record the episode and clean it up a little!

In this episode I discuss WHY ART MATTERS, specifically on an individual level, I breakdown what exactly art means, and I give you a quick exercise to start enjoying art more profoundly TODAY.


Definition (dictionary.com)

Art is an expression of human skill and imagination to be appreciated for its beauty or emotional power.


Art is something we made with our hands or imagination to be admired or felt.


Art is something we are

uniquely qualified to make

to be experienced in a way we are

uniquely qualified to experience.

Therefore, experiencing art is exercising our ability to enjoy beauty created by humans and to translate it into emotion- two things we are uniquely capable of doing.


Similar to meditation, art helps you:

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase calmness

  • Improve psychological balance

  • Focus on the now

But also:

  • Increase brain stimulation

  • Safely (and judgement freely) access your emotional plane

  • Appreciating/accessing/valuing your own innate creativity


  1. Find Art. This can be on Instagram, in an office building hallway, architecture, and likely the room you are inside right now!

  2. Choose to PAUSE and ACTUALLY LOOK at the artwork, judgement and narration free for 20 seconds.

  3. Ask yourself if you like or do not like the artwork.

  4. Ask yourself Why.

  5. Continue to ask why past the point of comfort.

Here is an example:

This is a piece that I am working on in the studio right now


Do I like this art?



I like the way the bold line moves.

Why do you like the way the bold line moves?

It feels fast and messy and unplanned compared to the rest of the painting.

Why do you like that it feels messy in contrast?

It reminds me of the balance between the chaos and the controlled. Which is something I worry about on a daily bases. But I like seeing it here, because it reminds me that not everything can be controlled, and sometimes the chaotic can me lovely.

Oftentimes when we push ourselves past comfort, emotions can arouse. It’s uncomfortable!

I think this is so good because often, discomfort is a signal that there is opportunity for growth.

Lean into this!

This is what happened in this quick 1-2 minute exercise:

  1. You meditated! Remember in the beginning when you were just observing the artwork without narrative or judgement?

  2. You accessed your right brain, enjoying beauty without chatter.

  3. You experienced a guttural reaction when you asked yourself if you liked, or did not like the art.

  4. You experienced shifting to your left side of the brain, the linear and communication centered half, when you started answering the whys.

  5. You experienced emotions in the tension of switching from the right side of your brain to the left.

boy, that’s a lot of good stuff for 1-2 minutes.

Remember to do this, you need to SLOW DOWN.

Appreciating artwork takes time, stillness and quiet. Allow yourself the time to do this exercise.

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