The Painting Under the White


My Janus collection has been so amazing to work on and to use as a tool to sort through, and understand why we don't get access to the full picture- particularly if we know there is a "full picture." Inspired by my reckoning with the mysterious, I apply coats of white paint over a "completed" painting, only leaving glimmers un-veiled, to discuss trust (when I say I made a full and complete painting that you can't see, do you trust that I did it?) and the frustration of not having access to the "truth" of this story. Due to that, I have never shared what a completed under-the-veil painting looks like. 

I was inspired recently to create one single piece that would be created with complete transparency so I could bring you in on the process with me. I have been creating a time-lapse video of this paintings creation, along with a stream of sketches prior to each additional painting session, and it has been more joyful than I expected to opt to bring you all along!

Without further a due, I am proudly sharing what a piece in my Janus collection could looks like under the veil! 

Feast your eyes folks, next time you see her, she'll be pushed back into the void :)


What happens now?

The veil goes on! Read about what that process looks like for me and how I decided what to screen out over on Patreon.

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