A Crimson Palette

This series of five began with one intention and ended with another.  I wanted to work the juxtaposition between bold and passionate crimson with the meditative forms and peaceful structures found within my pieces.  I honestly believe that it begun as a practice.  Something to keep myself fresh and challenged.  

These pieces happened to begin at a time when my personal life was in such a state of turbulence that I was nearly drowning.  This collection suffered as a result, but it also turned out that the collection also saved me.  It was a practice in resilience, strength, and purpose. Each of the works are titled referencing text that dragged me out of the storm. This practice evolved into lifeboat, the palette becoming more symbolic of my revolution and inner battles, but also the sunrise-the dawning of the new day. 

Making Ourselves-

Homage to Steven Pressfield's The War of Art. 

Freed of the Ballast-

Homage to Piero Ferrucci's The Power of Kindness

Only Half Right-

Homage to Good Old War's song Amazing Eyes

Not Being-

Homage to Carlos Castaneda in all his complex glory

Opening Palms-

Titled from this devastating beautiful spoken poem Instructions for a Bad Day by Shane Koyczan.



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