december 2018

private Mural | Englewood, CO

leah pantea, home mural, CO

This mural was created in the entry room and office in a private home in Englewood, CO. I created this mural that fit into their home, using their existing aesthetic and color pallet to inspire this work. It is very important to me that home murals are able to fuse with their space, and feel apart of it’s home, not like an add-on.

125 sq ft.

November 2018

Shoe Palace| Echo park, LOs angeles, ca.

Leah Pantea, Echo Park, LA

This mural, located on Sunset Bvld, in Los Angeles, CA, spans 730 sq ft stretching onto the ceiling and into the window displays. This mural is located on the interior of Shoe Palace | Echo Park, on the outside of the shoe palace features a James Goldcrown mural.


september 2018

Shoe palace, austin tx.

leah pantea, shoe palace, ATX

This custom mural was created for Shoe Palace in Austin TX, close to the University of Texas at Austin campus. The artwork spreads onto seven walls, 4 pillars and onto both the floor and ceiling. I wanted the work to all feel unified even though much of the work was separated by merchandise, so you will see small unifying touches throughout the venue. I wanted the color pallet and shapes to remain simple and strong to compliment the existing aesthetic of the establishment.


March 2018

Grace in growlers, kailua, hi.

leah pantea, grace in growlers

This mural was created with free-rein at craft-beer tasting room, Grace in Growlers, in Kailua, HI. It grows onto all surfaces and floor, and allows patrons to sit with and engage with the artwork.


march 2017

bean bar, san diego, ca.

leah pantea, bean bar mural

This mural was created free-rein at Bean Bar in San Diego, CA. There are large color blocks but also fine gold-leafed details.