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about leah

I learned to set my own path from my childhood in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. This path led me to a BFA and philosophy minor from Central Washington University, before I moved to my home of seven years in San Diego, California. My work has been collected worldwide and is displayed at the Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai, at Hilton and Marriott hotels, as well as abroad the Norwegian Gem Cruisliners.


about janus

My works are celebrations of the process, pulling a painting forward only to push it back again, behind the veil. My recent series “Janus,” titled after the Roman god of transitions, this collection came forth out of a desire to know why we don’t get to see the full picture. Visually inspired by the stark landscapes and vast skies of Northern Iceland where this series began, I also pull from philosophies and a handful of my favorite artists (Nava Waxman, Julie Mehretu and Ian Francis) to conceptually inform my work. I enjoy pushing past my primary practice of oil on hot-pressed watercolor paper to include embroidery, textiles, illustration and murals.

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